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A Technician Repairs an Electric Heating System.

Heating Repair Professionals

If you’re looking to upgrade your electrical heating system or it’s stopped working and needs repairs, count on the trusted professionals at DENCO HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING. Our team provides an extensive range of electric heating system repair and installation in Southlake, TX. We believe everyone deserves high-quality heating services, so call (817) 691-6014 to schedule an appointment.

Advantages of Electric Heating

Most homes and many businesses have electric-fueled central heating and air and rely on qualified HVAC companies like DENCO HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING to keep them running at peak efficiency throughout the year. If your system malfunctions and you need electric heating system repair in Southlake, TX, we’re the trusted team to call on. Electric heating systems have multiple advantages, including a readily available source of energy. Other advantages of these systems include:

  • Easy installation: Electric heating system installation in Southlake, TX is easy. It requires little or no modification to your home as a gas system does. Gas lines must be installed along with ventilation if they aren’t already present.
  • Low-cost investment: Ease of installation helps lower costs and you should never worry about financing when you work with us. Our pricing is very affordable and we offer several financing options on top-rated models from leading manufacturers like Carrier. These systems are also energy efficient and will save you in long run on energy bills.
  • Low maintenance: You can expect electric heating to last anywhere from 10 to 15 years and require very little maintenance. When we install a new system, we offer annual maintenance plans that ensure your unit is always performing at optimum levels.

Along with affordable financing options and excellent maintenance plans, we provide warranties on parts and labor. You’ll also find our service technicians perform ethically and honestly and only repair what’s broken. We’ll never upsell you on any unnecessary service.

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If your heating system malfunctions and you need electric heating system repair in Southlake, TX, look to the trusted local professionals at DENCO HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING. Our service offerings are extensive, our prices affordable. Learn more about us or book a service appointment by calling (817) 691-6014.