HVAC 101 - Things No Other AC Company Will Tell You

How Air Filters Destroy Fan Motors and Compressors Drive Up Your Electricity Bill

What we are doing in air conditioning is not cooling your home. We are actually absorbing the heat and humidity in the air and using the freon to carry it outside. The heat you feel coming off your outdoor unit is the heat being transferred from inside your home. The freon is then pumped back up under high pressure and pushed back inside the indoor coil by the compressor. Sufficient air flow is critical for cooling your home.

3M Filterete, Pleated Air Filters, 90 Day Air Filters are the absolute worst filter you can use. They restrict too much air. In a few weeks, when they become the least bit restricted, they cause the blower motor to work harder than it was designed to work. (Note: a blower motor can cost anywhere from $385 to $1400). By restricting air flow these type of air filters starve the evaporator coil for air, which means the heat is not being absorbed as efficiently as it could. If you have freon returning outside to the compressor hotter than it should be, then the compressor is working harder and hotter. When heat is not dissipated outside, then it is being recycled back in to the home hotter than it should be, which means it is absorbing less heat. Why is this important? It means that your hvac unit is working harder and longer and making your electricity bill higher.

Take The Test:

Take a minute and have someone stand in front of an air supply vent.

1. Remove the 90 day filter and ask the person in front of the air supply vent if the air flow increased.

2. Now, re-install the vent and ask if the air flow decreased.

Now put in a throw away cheap blue or green, non-pleated air filter. The air flow will be good, 99.9% of the air is being treated, the unit isn’t working as hard, and your electricity bill will be less because the more air we get through the system, the quicker we can cool the room to the desired thermostat setting. Overall, by doing this, it means your systems runs less. Just change the cheap filter every other month.

FYI: When your system is in heat mode, 90 Day Pleated Air Filters will burn out the heat strips if you have electric heating and they will burn up limit switches if you have gas heat. This happens because you do not get adequate air flow through the furnace or air handler in the heat mode.

Correcting Your Air Flow

Look at your vents. Is there a dust trail on your ceiling? If so this is exactly where your air is flowing. Looking at your vent from the floor, can you see inside the grill? If not re-direct/bend/ open the louvers on the grill where they point more downward. You will feel the air move around the room better and the unit will not run as long. Do this in every room. Vents should be vented toward the center of the room not toward the wall.

DIty AC Vents

Dirty AC Condenser

Rinse the Outdoor Coils with a Water Hose

It sets out in the weather year round. Rinsing the coils with a spay nozzle and a water hose will not harm it and will help it run more efficiently.

Condensation Lines

Pour a few ounces of bleach down the drain line on the inside unit twice a year, this will prevent algae from accumulating and prevent a condensation drain restriction, which can cause costly floor and ceiling damage. If you see water coming out of a pipe near your roofs edge it is because you have a drain problem. If something isn’t done to correct this, it will lead to water damage on your ceiling and a huge mess!!!


HVAC Thermostat

Thermostats and Batteries

If your thermostat uses batteries, change them once a year. I prefer Honeywell thermostats over all brands. Lux & Rite-Temp thermostats are junk.

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